Phoenix - Lovemore Bonjisi

Cobalt  |  34" x 47"  |  350 lbs


The Phoenix is one of the most pervasive mythological animals to exist, and one with  powerful symbolism.  It holds cultural identities in Egyptian, Greek, Chinese, Russian, and even native American cultures, in not dissimilar forms.  

The Phoenix symbolizes renewal and resurrection.  Lovemore uses the Phoenix to symbolize not only Zimbabwe's newly won majority self-rule in the 80's, but also, more recently, Zimbabwe's economic revitalization since hitting inflation rates of 6.5 sextillion percent (this is not a typo) in mid-November 2008, which left the stone sculpture movement at a virtual stand-still.  The Phoenix represents hope and a bright future reborn.

This sculpture of the magnificent mythological fire-bird has a fiery attitude representative of it's nature, as well as remarkable coloration resembling the embers and the ashes from which it resurrects.


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