Tonderai Mahachi.jpeg

Tonderai was born on the October 5th, 1983. He is the first born in a family of three; with a younger brother and sister. Tonderai attended Gwingai Primary School followed by Mbare High School.

At the age of 15 he took on side work washing and polishing stones for other artists. This exposed him to the world of Shona Stone Sculpture and he began carving on his own after he graduated. His first piece was titled, “Lovers” and sold in Harare Market Square. The money he received from this sale allowed him to purchase more raw stone and materials. Since his humble beginnings he has grown an impressive art stand that has a variety of pieces that are extremely well crafted.

Tonderai is married with one child and supports his grandmother, uncle and sister. He loves to grow and eat fresh fruit, and has a particular fondness for sadza and roast beef (A traditional Zimbabwean dish).